Dana is what you could call a “natural born healer”. Immediately, you have a sense of her kindness and compassion. As soon as she starts working on you, you will feel her incredible healing energy. I first went to Dana for Face Zoning, she was kind and immediately put me at ease. The session was very blissful and relaxing. I felt very relaxed, energized, and clear for several days afterwards. I noticed increased energy, a sense of well-being, and my body felt less toxic. I was surprised at how powerful the zoning session was! I find this work to be more effective than other forms of bodywork such as massage or acupuncture for chronic health issues. Then I saw Dana for foot zoning. During my foot zone, I could feel areas that were sore and tender and she worked on those spots to balance the blockages. After my foot zoning session, I could feel a lot of increased circulation in my body, especially in my legs. I felt energized and more alive! Finally, I tried back zoning. The effect of the back zoning is extremely relaxing. The big difference for me between the back zoning and a massage is that the energetic levels are being addressed at the same time as the physical. It’s beyond a physical feeling of tension being worked out… you feel the emotional and spiritual bodies being cleansed too! Dana loves what she does and it comes through in her work. I highly recommend Dana for Zoning.