My journey to better health with Dana started about 6 months ago… has been and continues to be a walk of discovery, affirmation, acceptance.

With Dana’s coaching and easy going manner,  she has taught me how to make some simple dietary food edits. I have discovered what kinds of foods to avoid, learned to make simple daily changes or substitutions to recipes, and what natural vitamin and mineral supplements to add to my daily routine.

Dana has also reaffirmed that some of my practices of using essential oils and diffusers are indeed helpful and naturally therapeutic.   She has also affirmed that it is OK and essential to one’s health to be a little selfish and practice self-care.  For example, epsom salt baths are healthful and not just self-indulgent!  Yes, music to my ears!

Lastly, I have learned to accept where my health position is for today, but with some simple and smart changes everyday, my tomorrows will be better and better.

With Dana’s guidance, therapy, encouragement, and knowledge, my mind, body, and spirit is on a healthy upswing and I am so very grateful!  I feel cleaner on the inside, stronger, less stressed, and more in control of my health.

Dana is a wonderful wellness coach and has become a great friend!  I look forward to walking this path to wholeness and wellness with her.