Dana’s health coaching and zoning helped me to sift through information I already knew, and applying pertinent and better health knowledge in a more realistic, pleasant way… and deciding what changes I should focus on first. My health before working with Dana was pretty good, I thought. However, Dana’s coaching and zoning helped me choose better foods to eat and to want to be more physically active and be outdoors. I’ve continued to become more fit, maintain a healthy weight, have more energy and be in a better mood. My health changes have helped me take care of my family and friends better. I feed them better, I have more energy to play with them, I have more fun with them, and I can get more work done. I feel confident in recommending Dana to my friends and family members, because she has helped me so much. Dana is straightforward, but not pushy. She is motivating, but not impatient. She is strong, but gentle. She is positive, passionate, genuine, cheerful, caring and kind. She knows what she’s doing and lives what she teaches. It’s fun to visit her and I always learn great things!