Dana is a wonderful health coach who really understands and wants to help you get to the root of your health concerns. Her positive and enthusiastic presence will inspire you to move forward in the right direction! I saw Dana for Face Zoning and Back Zoning. I really loved the face zone that she did for me. It was extremely healing and relaxing! My back zone with Dana was very healing for my back and I came out feeling very relaxed and nourished. I was also suffering pretty bad from back pain, and after the back zone, all the tension in my back seemed to have dissolved! Dana takes her time, and does a really careful job. It is much better than any massage because it balances out your emotions and dissolves the stress, and it feels incredibly relaxing! I would recommend Dana’s zoning to anyone, it is a truly powerful and healing modality. She is so thorough in her zoning and afterwards you will rejuvenate, refreshed, and renewed! Thanks Dana!