Dana is amazing! I went to Dana for a back zone. She has the perfect setup & tools to make you feel so relaxed & enjoy your session…relaxing music, TDP lamp, blankets, pillows, essential oils, etc. I was hooked on the lymphatic treatments. These are wonderful & really get the lymph flowing in your body. Dana also provided me with all kinds of helpful tips to keep my progress going in the right direction. She is always looking to dig a little deeper to help get to the root of any issue I’m experiencing. She has recommended a few different ideas for me to try. Every one of them has been very beneficial. I’m still on path following her suggestions & I feel incredible compared to what I was before I met Dana. I recommend her to my family, friends or anyone I meet who isn’t feeling 100%. She’ll work with you & come up with a personalized solution! She really is a life saver!