Dana has much knowledge to impart on nutrition and lifestyle with an emphasis on plant-based dietary choices. She gave me some great insight on how to integrate more vital foods and techniques into my life. I have also partaken in all three of the zoning techniques Dana offers: foot, face and back. Each one has had a different effect but all of them are an overall relaxing, rejuvenating experience. During my Foot Zoning session not only was I having my body healed on a cellular level, I was able to get to know Dana through talking throughout the sessions. Foot zoning felt very detoxing to me. Face zoning is said to help balance hormones and the mental body. I think that this technique is very interesting and powerful. I had long stretches of relaxation so deep that I fell asleep… Back zoning is intended to help you release pent up emotions. I had a particularly unusual week in which my extreme emotions had to be tamped down in order to simply function in my day to day life. It was great timing to try out Dana’s back zoning. The session was great! The mental & emotional clearing was definitely the most impactful aspect of the back zoning. I would recommend all of the therapies that Dana offers. The energy that she freely gives during the sessions is generous and healing and you will always leave feeling changed for the better.