What an incredible time we are in! It is the height of cold and flu season and were are going through a pandemic surge. During these uncertain times, it is vital to stay healthy, calm, and grounded.

The truth is, our bodies are incredible and capable of healing itself. We just need to give it the proper care, rest, and nourishment. My intention is to share with you some practical tips that can help you elevate your wellness and get through this time with more ease and joy.Natural remedies for building a strong immune system and healing from illness:

Nutrition recommendations for a healthier you:

Drink more water and hydrating fluids, at least 80-100 oz. a day
Drink warm water with lemon juice and grated ginger upon waking
Drink 16 oz. of organic celery juice every morning on an empty stomach
Drink a fruit and green smoothie for breakfast
Eat more fruits, vegetables and leafy greens throughout the day, raw is best
Eat more whole foods, avoid processed and refined foods
Eat more garlic, onions, ginger and turmeric
Enjoy more home cooked meals
Avoid or minimize Eggs, Dairy, Gluten, Fast Food, Fried Foods and Refined Sugars
Avoid alcohol, smoking, and too much caffeine

Lifestyle recommendations for a happier you:

Get proper sleep, between 7-9 hours
Exercise and move your body everyday
Reduce your stress level, find more time for rest
Enjoy time with family and friends
Focus on self-care and gratitude
Meditate and/or pray daily
Keep social media and “bad” news to a minimum
Focus your attention on the positive things in life
Have more work-life balance
Spend more time with the people you care about
Enjoy the outdoors and soak in the benefits of the sun

What’s in our home medicine cabinet?

Our medicine cabinet is filled with healing vitamins, minerals, herbs, teas, and essential oils. With this incredible toolbox, we feel safe and protected from whatever may come our way.

Foundational supplements for acute and preventative antiviral treatment:
(Available through Wellevate – my favorite vitamin store)

Vitamin B12 – Triple Activated Vit B12 by Global Healing Center
Vitamin C – Ester C by Pure Encapsulations or Raw Vitamin C by Garden of Life
Vitamin D – by Pure Encapsulations or Metagenics (5000 iu)
Zinc – Zinc 30 by Pure Encapsulations
Echinacea Goldenseal – by Gaia Herbs
Black Elderberry – by Gaia Herbs (capsules and syrup)
Cats Claw – by Nature’s Answer
Oil of Oregano – by Gaia Herbs
Colloidal Silver – by Sovereign Silver
Ashwaghanda – by Gaia Herbs
Lemon Balm – by Vimergy or Herb Pharm
NAC – by Metabolic Maintenance (600mg)
Quercetin – by Pure Encapsulations
Have a Netti Pot on Hand to support Sinus and Respiratory Health

Top Ten Essential Oil Recommendations:
(For applying on the body with a carrier oil or diffusing. I recommend Primavera Oils through Goddess of Spring).

Black Pepper
Tea Tree

Carrier Oils:
St. Johns Wort

I am sending positive energy and love your way. I am here if you need support. Let’s pray that we get through this time with more awareness, wisdom and compassion for ourselves and for our entire world.

With love,