Ten years ago, I was in a very different place in life. The pic on the left was taken on an Alaskan Cruise. The day we got on the cruise was my 29th birthday. As we were excited to celebrate, I came down with a massive migraine. Sadly, I spent the night in the tiny cabin shivering, throwing up and in debilitating pain. The only thing I knew to do during that time was to take pharmaceutical drugs for the pain. This process would wipe me out for a couple days, and then I would slowly come out of the fog.

I started getting migraines around 17, and they progressively got worse in my mid-twenties. I was eating the Standard American Diet diet and wasn’t taking good care of my body. It got to the point where I was having migraines 4-5 days a week, putting me in medical disability. I later found out that what I was experiencing was  “rebound headaches”, resulting from a dependency on migraine drugs.

Some of the other issues i was having were: chronic pain, digestive issues, constant and insatiable hunger, food sensitivities, PMS, weight gain, acne, depression, and anxiety. I searched near and far for the right medical intervention, but I was disappointed and devastated. My whole life was evolved around my illness, I was a mess!

Ironically, I had a corporate job in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Which was a major source of my stress, illness and inner turmoil. I was not aligned with my truth and was torn, lost and confused.

I began my healing journey about 10 years ago when I met a dear friend and mentor who introduced me to Foot Zoning and healing through nutrition. This was a breath of fresh air and felt like I had found the truth about health. For the first time, I someone validated and understood me. Within a few months of getting Zones and shifting into a whole foods, plant based diet, my digestive system started to heal and I was having less pain and migraines. My skin started clearing up and I began to lose the excess weight. I felt hopeful and alive for the first time in my life.

With this life changing experience, I found my passion and purpose in life – to heal myself and empower others to heal source of their pain and live a more vibrant life.

Since then, I’ve immersed myself into the holistic wellness world. I’ve found some amazing resources to help deepen my understanding of the body-mind connection, and how to heal from chronic illness using nutrition and energy bodywork.

I am grateful for the life changing information I learned from all my teachers. Thanks to them, I now live a healthy, migraine free life and feel amazing!

I had two healthy pregnancies and gave birth to two beautiful little girls. They are my love and my light. It’s a blessing to enjoy life’s precious moments with a clear mind and complete alignment with truth and light.

Thanks for reading my story. I hope it inspired you in some way to take charge of your health, and know that you can heal naturally and live a vibrant life free from illness and pain. I’m sending you all my love and wishing you abundant health and happiness ❤️🙏🌟.