I’m writing this as we just heard the news that the Shelter In Place has been extended until May 31st. We knew this was coming, but it’s still hard to handle this reality. If you’ve been feeling fearful, anxious or frustrated about the quarantine and with all that’s happening, you are not alone. I think we are all going through a mixed bag of emotions. If you can relate, this new Coronavirus Stuck At Home – Tapping to Relieve Anxiety Video may be very helpful. I invite you to give yourself 15 minutes and Tap along with me for more calm, peace and clarity.

While we cannot control what goes on around us, we do have choice over our own thoughts, feelings and actions. We can choose fear and hopelessness, or we can do what we can to move towards love and light. However, this is easier said than done. This pandemic situation hit us so suddenly that most of us were not prepared to handle this massive shift. I feel your pain.

The reality is that our bodies simply cannot handle the continuous load of stress hormones that are being produced. In other words, if we stay in “fight or flight” for too long, eventually the body will crash or go into overwhelm, causing “dis-ease.” So what can we do about it? The best strategy to combat “dis-ease” and overwhelm is to focus on your self-care as if your life depends on it, because it does. It really comes down to the very basics: eating a wholesome diet, exercising, meditating/praying, doing what makes you happy, and surrounding yourself with positivity, things that lift your spirits and inspire you to be better. It takes daily practice to declutter from all the stress and anxiety and to cultivate more peace and harmony.

To help you get from here to there, here are some helpful tools and inspiration that I love:

Nutrition/Health/Food Recipes:

Home Exercise Programs:


I invite you to explore some of these lifestyle tools that may be helpful to you. Remember that the only way that they can help you is for you to take daily steps and implement them into your life. Your body, mind and spirit will flourish!

I am cheering you on and sending all my love!