This Immune Boosting Green Juice is so refreshing and perfect as a morning drink. It tastes like pure sunshine and is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants┬á­čî×. During these uncertain times (Coronavirus quarantine), it is best to keep our immune system healthy and strong. Drinking one of these juices a day is a sure way to help. Remember, organic is best, and local is even better!

Recipe – serves 2


1 whole stalk celery

1 large cucumbers

1/2 bunch kale

One large handful of carrot tops or other leafy green of choice (eg. Swiss chard, beet tops, spinach, etc.)

1-2 apples

1-2 oranges

1-2 inch ginger root


Wash and cut all fruits and vegetables

Juice in a juicer (not a blender). I recommend either the Breville or Omega juicer.

Enjoy within 15 mins of juicing for best taste and nutrient intake.