I woke up this morning with a heavy heart and feeling totally worn out, physically and emotionally. Sound familiar? Thankfully, I decided to stick to my routine and did some yoga, then I went to my favorite trail to walk in nature. On the drive and walk, I tuned into a Youtube interview by Oprah with Gary Zukav, the author of the book “The Seat of the Soul.” Little did I know, I was approaching yet another revelation and deeper layer of healing. I learned about how we are connected to our divine soul, and it is when we are in alignment with our soul, we can truly be happy and live at the highest frequency, which is LOVE.
How do we do this? Easier said than done? I would agree!
I can boldly say that at the root of all of our troubles, whether it’s poor health, self-confidence, finance, relationships, or career, is FEAR. We may not recognize that fear is the underlining issue, because there are many surface layers to sort through first before we can get to the core.  If your life sucks because you don’t like your job, or you don’t make enough money, or you’re in a bad relationship, or you’re overwhelmed and running on empty, or your health is deteriorating, etc. you are not alone. I think most of us can relate to at least one or more of these. And out of default or unawareness, we may be looking to fix the symptoms like physical pain and other health issues, stress, anxiety, anger, guilt, worry, etc. However, if we take a closer look, we may discover that it’s much deeper, and that at our core, we are out of alignment.
Many of my clients start working with me simply because they want to improve their health/diet, lose some weight, and perhaps have more energy and better sleep. Over the years, I’ve found that even when their issues seem to be externally related, it is never really the case. It is all connected to deeper emotional and mental imbalances, and ultimately, FEAR. And even the healthiest, cleanest diet won’t resolved everything!
What if you knew a way to move away from FEAR and towards LOVE? How would your life be if you are in alignment with your Soul? Would you take the baby steps to get there?
Here are some ways that you can start to cultivate more LOVE and happiness in your life:
  • Make Self-Care a priority, when you are fulfilled, you can give from a place of Love and Authenticity. Identify what makes you happy and go for it!
  • When you first wake up, take a few deep breaths while still laying in bed, put one hand on your heart and one one your belly, set one intention for your day.
  • In a journal, write down 1-3 things you are grateful for before going to bed.
  • Start exploring ways to slow down and connect deeper with yourself, like meditation, prayer, yoga, being with nature, or simply deep breathing.
  • Take better care of your health and feed yourself nourishing foods & water.
  • Check in with yourself throughout the day, notice how your body feels and give it what it needs.
  • Take breaks during the day and go for walks outside, enjoy the sunshine.
  • Tune in to your food cravings, and start to understand the deeper mental/emotional imbalances.
  • Check yourself out in the mirror everyday and say some outrageously positive things to yourself. (e.g. I’m extraodinary, beautiful, smart, kind, good etc.)
  • Notice when your mind is going towards negativity and FEAR, aka “the deep end” and bring it back to TRUTH and LOVE.
  • Surround yourself with people who inspire and lift you up.
  • Love yourself like your life depends on it, because it does!
When we live from a place of love and soul alignment, magic and miracles will happen! I love you dearly, and I wish you more Love and Peace than you can even imagine!