“Self-Compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others.”                                                                 -Chris Germer
I’ve been contemplating the topic of Self-Love & Compassion a lot lately, and feel inspired to learn more about it and put it into my daily practice. On our Oregon Eclipse Trip, there were many moments when I felt amazing, happy and at peace as I was amongst family, friends, and surrounded by the beauty of nature. On the second day after we got back, that magical bliss quickly faded away as life got busy again with family, work and life commitments. I realized that it’s much easier to feel balanced and to have self-compassion when you’re on vacation and stress is low! The reality is that vacations only happen once in a while, so what do we do with ourselves the rest of the time?
Sadly, in our modern busy lives, almost everyone of us have a bad habit of self-sabotage and an inner voice that is quite negative and destructive. It’s become a natural part of life. We create our own suffering by treating ourselves like our own worse enemies. If you pay attention to some of the things that you say to yourself, you might be astounded. You wouldn’t say those degrading things to the people around you, not even strangers!

Imagine if you were to reverse this destructive pattern and start saying positive loving things to yourself. Your life might change miraculously! Louise Hay’s work highlights this topic of self-compassion and positive affirmations. If you say positive loving things to yourself more often, you will start believing it and live on a higher vibration. You will start loving yourself and attracting wonderful things into your life. This is a universal truth, aka “The Law of Attraction!”

Are you sick and tired of living with a bad radio station in your head? Are you ready to break free from the negativity and love yourself like your life depends on it? You deserve the very best that this life has to offer, and it starts with forgiving yourself and loving yourself! It’s time to practice some self-compassion!
Daily Self-Compassion Practice – Louise Hay’s Mirror Work
Stand in front of a mirror everyday, and say positive affirmations like:
“My dear, I love you so much”
“You are so beautiful”
“You are amazing!”
“You are good enough”
“You are worthy of love”
“You are smart, you are brilliant”
“You are perfect the way you are”
“You are…….”
Let’s do this together, daily doses of self-love and compassion! Imagine that!