I lost about 18-20 lbs since I first started Dana’s coaching program. The biggest struggles I’ve had prior to Dana’s coaching are binge eating, emotional eating, fad diets, indulgence in temporary obsession, having a hard time committing long term, and the lack of education on healthy foods. Dana’s coaching helped me to understand how everything connects to one another and how my daily decisions regarding food and lifestyle all contribute my well-being. One of the most remarkable things I’ve learned from working with Dana is self-love. Once I truly understood what that meant, I was able to make better food decisions and was able to motivate myself to exercise to keep my body healthy. I now feel in control of my health for the first time and it’s a great feeling to be where I am today. Dana is not only a wellness coach, she really cares about you and helps you to balance your health, life and spirituality. I would highly recommend Dana’s wellness program to everybody! It is not just another diet it is a lifestyle change! I received much more than what I expected and I am grateful for all the positive things that came out of it.