I came to Dana with the hopes of finding a way of eating that was healthy, satisfying, and compatible with my lifestyle. After trying numerous diets and eating methods, I never found a plan, or “way of eating,” that I felt comfortable, or capable, of sticking with. Dana has showed me that a healthy lifestyle is not solely a number on a scale, but a way of using nutrition to transform yourself from the inside out. Before seeing Dana, my doctor warned me that my cholesterol and glucose levels were on the rise. After working with Dana and seeing my results, my doctor told me, “whatever you are doing, just keep on doing it and I’ll see you in a year.” Dana has introduced me to eating “clean and green”.  The dietary changes Dana encouraged me to make were accomplished gradually in “baby steps”. The progress I have made with Dana is one that is irreversible. Dana taught me that health and wellness is not a diet, or a series of deprivations, but a way of life. She has a true passion for sharing her love of health and wellness, and I have her to thank for my current and future health.