Before I met Dana, I felt I needed to get a foot zone to give my body a tune up. Foot zoning is very healing and can tell you a lot about what’s going on inside. During the zone analysis, Dana shared with me that my lymph system needed more nourishment. She recommended some healing herbal teas and I started cutting out more foods that I was sensitive to. By doing so, I’m feeling healthier and more balanced everyday. I’ve also experienced Back and Face Zoning with Dana. Back zoning helped to increase circulation, relieve tension and relax my muscles after my recent back injury. Face zoning is another amazing way to relax and cleanse the body. Zoning is more than massage, it heals the body as a whole while balancing specific areas from different organs to the lymphatic system, and also the emotional being. It helps the body to detox! My daughter was diagnosed with lupus two years ago. Through zoning and improving her nutrition, she is now lupus free. I was tested for cancers two years ago and diagnosed with several diseases. Through zoning and changing my diet, now, I no longer have the symptoms of the diseases doctors thought I had. I have referred many friends to Dana. They have only wonderful things to say about their experiences and are happy she is in their lives now.