Vegan and Gluten Free Banana Bread


I woke up this morning and feeling motivated to make some banana bread. Luckily we have all the ingredients to whip up this fluffy yummy Vegan and Gluten Free Banana Bread. This is a great

Vegan and Gluten Free Banana Bread2020-07-18T17:43:41+00:00

Savory Waffles – Vegan and Gluten Free


These healthy savory waffles are a staple in our house, I love them for breakfast, lunch or as a snack! I usually make a large batch and freeze them, and just toast some whenever the

Savory Waffles – Vegan and Gluten Free2020-01-16T03:36:13+00:00

Quinoa Crepes / Tortillas – Gluten Free


These crepes/tortillas are my all time favorite thing to have on hand because they’re so yummy and versatile. We make a big batch and have them ready for when we want a breakfast wrap, a

Quinoa Crepes / Tortillas – Gluten Free2019-09-26T16:28:01+00:00

Heavenly Smoothie Bowl


Smoothies are great, but smoothie bowls are heavenly! This makes a delicious breakfast or mid-morning/afternoon snack. Rather than reaching for low energy foods like bagels, pastries, chips, crackers, etc. why not go for this nutrient

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Blissful Banana Berry Bowl


Blissful Banana Berry Bowl Serves 2Ingredients:1/2 cup fresh or frozen mixed berries 1 frozen sliced banana1/3 cup frozen Acai or Mangos1/2 to 3/4 cup almond or hemp milk1 TSPN organic sun butter or almond butterToppings: your

Blissful Banana Berry Bowl2017-08-03T14:00:37+00:00

Need Guilt-Free Snack Ideas? Here are My Favorites!


I get this question a lot: "what can I snack on?" So we know we should be eating more fruits and veggies, healthy fats, whole grains, and organic lean protein, but seriously, what can we

Need Guilt-Free Snack Ideas? Here are My Favorites!2017-06-29T17:05:53+00:00

Crispy Kale Chips


Ingredients:1 large bunch of curly kale1-2 tsp olive oilHimalayan salt to tasteOptional: garlic granules or paprika Directions:Wash kale, tear off leaves off the stems (save stems for smoothies)Allow to sit out to dry overnight, or pat

Crispy Kale Chips2017-06-29T16:30:23+00:00

Cool and Delicious Summer Treats


Can you believe it's officially summer? We've been having Hot Hot days here and what better way to cool off than eating and drinking some cold delicious treats? Enjoy my two favorite recipes, I promise

Cool and Delicious Summer Treats2017-06-23T15:53:11+00:00
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