The Life Changing Benefits of Foot Zoning


I was brainstorming topics for my next newsletter and realized that although I Foot Zone people everyday and even zone myself daily, I've rarely written about Foot Zoning. Whether you've been zoned a hundred

The Life Changing Benefits of Foot Zoning2022-02-16T06:20:26+00:00

Comforting Nurturing Lentil Stew


I made this heart warming comforting stew tonight and it was a hit! Everyone loved it, even the kids cleaned their bowls. Autumn is in the air and this kind of comfort food is my

Comforting Nurturing Lentil Stew2020-10-27T00:26:59+00:00

7-Day Morning Cleanse Challenge!


Are you feeling more stressed, tired and sluggish these days? With all that's happening around us, it's natural to feel out of sorts and unhealthy. Life can be hectic, so we tend to push and push ourselves

7-Day Morning Cleanse Challenge!2020-10-27T00:14:19+00:00

Purify The Air With EO & Free Guide


The topic for today is Essential Oils! This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart and I'm excited to share some valuable resources to help you get started. Essential Oils are an

Purify The Air With EO & Free Guide2020-10-27T00:03:16+00:00

Vegan GF Blueberry Pancakes


These fluffy pancakes were perfect for breakfast this morning. They are healthy, refined sugar free, gluten free, and vegan! The kids love this one so I make them at least once a week. The blueberries

Vegan GF Blueberry Pancakes2020-10-27T23:03:11+00:00
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