The Amazing Celery Juice


After drinking your 16oz. of lemon water upon waking, the @medicalmedium recommends 16-32 oz. of organic celery to get the best cleansing and healing results. Celery is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that can starve bad

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Plant Based Milk – Your Dairy Alternative


Contrary to popular belief, dairy is actually not good for the body. It is highly inflammatory and mucus forming. Dairy feeds pathogens in the body, like viruses, bacteria, fungus, and yeast. Eating dairy on a

Plant Based Milk – Your Dairy Alternative2022-08-25T14:04:15+00:00

7-Day Morning Cleanse Challenge!


Are you feeling more stressed, tired and sluggish these days? With all that's happening around us, it's natural to feel out of sorts and unhealthy. Life can be hectic, so we tend to push and push ourselves

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Powerful Immune Boosting Green Juice


This Immune Boosting Green Juice is so refreshing and perfect as a morning drink. It tastes like pure sunshine and is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants 🌞. During these uncertain times (Coronavirus quarantine), it

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Immune Boosting Green Juice


It’s a green juice kind of morning at our house! After recovering from a lingering cold, this is just the best cleansing drink I feel like having today.   This green drink is so nourishing

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Heavenly Smoothie Bowl


Smoothies are great, but smoothie bowls are heavenly! This makes a delicious breakfast or mid-morning/afternoon snack. Rather than reaching for low energy foods like bagels, pastries, chips, crackers, etc. why not go for this nutrient

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Very Berry Smoothie


Enjoy this delicious smoothie, you'll feel so good and energized, it may become a part of your morning breakfast routine! Ingredients: ½ C frozen or fresh raspberries or other berries ½ C frozen or fresh

Very Berry Smoothie2019-08-29T00:11:36+00:00

What’s One Thing You Can Do To Transform Your Health?


Have you heard about the amazing healing power of Celery? This simple herb has magical properties that can significantly transform your health and your life! Celery is a powerful anti-inflammatory food that can starve bad

What’s One Thing You Can Do To Transform Your Health?2019-08-29T00:09:44+00:00

Creamy Raw Pumpkin Smoothie


Fall is in the air, the leaves are looking radiant, it's beautiful all around. I just love this warm and cozy season. With all the pumpkins around, I thought of making a pumpkin smoothie. This

Creamy Raw Pumpkin Smoothie2019-01-29T20:58:59+00:00
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