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Apple Banana Vegan and Gluten Free Pancakes


I made these fluffy and delicious pancakes yesterday for the family and they were a hit! The kids loved them with honey and different kinds of fruit. They are totally gluten free, vegan and made

Apple Banana Vegan and Gluten Free Pancakes2020-01-28T17:11:46+00:00

“Braving the Wilderness” Within


It has been a treacherous winter month for me with the holidays, the whole family being sick including myself, along with all the postpartum challenges, especially the emotional rollercoaster. My mind was constantly thinking negative

“Braving the Wilderness” Within2020-01-16T03:34:11+00:00

Immune Boosting Green Juice


It’s a green juice kind of morning at our house! After recovering from a lingering cold, this is just the best cleansing drink I feel like having today.   This green drink is so nourishing

Immune Boosting Green Juice2020-01-22T19:43:23+00:00

Savory Waffles – Vegan and Gluten Free


These healthy savory waffles are a staple in our house, I love them for breakfast, lunch or as a snack! I usually make a large batch and freeze them, and just toast some whenever the

Savory Waffles – Vegan and Gluten Free2020-01-16T03:36:13+00:00

Quinoa Crepes / Tortillas – Gluten Free


These crepes/tortillas are my all time favorite thing to have on hand because they’re so yummy and versatile. We make a big batch and have them ready for when we want a breakfast wrap, a

Quinoa Crepes / Tortillas – Gluten Free2019-09-26T16:28:01+00:00

Heavenly Smoothie Bowl


Smoothies are great, but smoothie bowls are heavenly! This makes a delicious breakfast or mid-morning/afternoon snack. Rather than reaching for low energy foods like bagels, pastries, chips, crackers, etc. why not go for this nutrient

Heavenly Smoothie Bowl2019-09-20T19:52:15+00:00