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Healthy Pumpkin Bread – Gluten Free and Vegan


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I have been inspired to make and bake everything with pumpkin! Many of us have been accustomed to pumpkin breads that are made of wheat, sugar, eggs and dairy

Healthy Pumpkin Bread – Gluten Free and Vegan2018-11-14T22:43:03+00:00

Creamy Raw Pumpkin Smoothie


Fall is in the air, the leaves are looking radiant, it's beautiful all around. I just love this warm and cozy season. With all the pumpkins around, I thought of making a pumpkin smoothie. This

Creamy Raw Pumpkin Smoothie2019-01-29T20:58:59+00:00

Five Simple Ways To Relieve Aches and Pains


Do you suffer from acute or chronic aches and pain? In our busy and stressful lives, most of us experience pain often if not constantly. The root causes can vary and may include physical injury,

Five Simple Ways To Relieve Aches and Pains2019-01-29T21:05:49+00:00

What’s One Thing You Can Do To Transform Your Health?


Have you heard about the amazing healing power of Celery? This simple herb has magical properties that can significantly transform your health and your life! Celery is a powerful anti-inflammatory food that can starve bad

What’s One Thing You Can Do To Transform Your Health?2019-01-29T21:01:41+00:00

How to Quiet Your Mind and Revitalize Your Body


It's been some months since you've heard from me, and now I'm back with the intention of sharing my knowledge and experience with you in small snippets every week to help you stay focussed on

How to Quiet Your Mind and Revitalize Your Body2019-01-29T21:02:23+00:00

Natural Remedies For Colds & Flus


It's that time of year when so many of us are susceptible to catching different bugs that result in the cold or flu. Even when we try to eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise and

Natural Remedies For Colds & Flus2019-01-29T21:04:05+00:00

Grounding Techniques for Peace & Harmony


In the midst our busy lives, how do we find inner balance and harmony? With all that's happening in the world right now, it's easy to get caught up in the external chaos and allowing

Grounding Techniques for Peace & Harmony2019-01-29T21:05:05+00:00

Will You Choose Fear or Love?


I woke up this morning with a heavy heart and feeling totally worn out, physically and emotionally. Sound familiar? Thankfully, I decided to stick to my routine and did some yoga, then I went to

Will You Choose Fear or Love?2019-01-29T20:56:03+00:00

Smooth Butternut Squash Soup


This the perfect time to enjoy this beautiful delicious butternut squash soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner!   Ingredients: 5-6 cups water, just enough to cover the vegetables in the pot 4 cups butternut squash,

Smooth Butternut Squash Soup2019-01-29T21:06:35+00:00

Spring Cleansing Tips


Happy Spring!   You may be thinking that New Year is long gone, and yet you are far from reaching your health and wellness goals. If you are feeling sluggish and out of shape, you are

Spring Cleansing Tips2018-10-31T17:59:31+00:00