It has been a treacherous winter month for me with the holidays, the whole family being sick including myself, along with all the postpartum challenges, especially the emotional rollercoaster. My mind was constantly thinking negative and self defeating thoughts, and my body suffered. There were some good days but boy was it tough at times, I was beginning to question what the heck was wrong with me?

Fortunately, even in the darkest times, the light is always there, even a shimmer can shine the way and lead us home. In the depths of this cold winter, it’s a great opportunity to go inward, be still and listen to what our bodies and souls are telling us. What a beautiful time to “brave the wilderness” as Brené Brown says, and face the fears and pain straight on, and to call on the greatest source of love and light to help guide and heal us deeply. This is the path to true freedom, love, peace, courage and joy.

After years of learning about mindfulness and meditation, and the power of being in the present moment, I feel like I finally got it. During one of my recent meditations, I started becoming aware of every single self defeating thought that came up, I noticed it, took a deep breath, and let it go… then came back to the present moment. Since then, I’ve done this all day long, every day, every moment, every thought, and the results have been life changing. I am now more aware of the thought patterns that bring me down, physically and energetically, and have the insight to shift these low vibration thoughts to more positive ones. I feel a deeper sense of joy, courage, inner peace, and most of all self compassion. I am so very grateful ❤️. May you find the courage to brave the wilderness and find your inner peace and joy.