Have you heard about the amazing healing power of Celery? This simple herb has magical properties that can significantly transform your health and your life!
Celery is a powerful anti-inflammatory food that can starve bad bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus, viruses and other pathogens in the body that cause the majority of your health issues.
Celery contains a high amount of beneficial trace minerals, especially sodium, which help to raise your body’s pH levels, alkalizing your body and cleansing toxins from your organs.
Celery restores your gut biome and intestinal linings by raising Hydrochloric Acid in your stomach to assist with digestion and assimilation. One tall 16-20 ounces of pure organic celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning may be a game changer for you! It sure has been life changing for my family, friends, and clients. Once you start on this simple daily routine, you will notice an improvement in your digestion, kidneys, adrenals, liver, brain, mood, immune system, and so much more.
Celery Juice Recipe:
1 whole stalk of organic celery, washed
Juicer method:
Juice celery until you get about 16 ounces or more of juice. Drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for the most health benefit.
High speed blender method:
Cut celery into small chunks. Blend using a plunger because it may be thick. Add a bit of water if needed. Strain in a nut milk bag and enjoy!