Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to a healthy, strong start and that you’re getting into the swing of things again after the holidays. However, if you are feeling tired, overweight, and more sluggish than usual, don’t worry, you’re not alone! So many of us are feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts after the holidays. What a great time to get yourself motivated and back in shape, right?!
If you’re overwhelmed just by the thought of getting healthier, eating better, or exercising more, that’s ok too! It doesn’t need to be stressful or complicated. Consistent baby steps work way better in the long run than crash diets and extreme programs. In the weeks ahead, I’ll be touching base with you more often with simple tips and inspiration to help you along the way! Oh and by the way, I’m excited to start my own YouTube channel, with the intention of sharing the best of Natural Living and Holistic Health to help more people transform their lives! So stay tuned!
For today, I encourage to start small:
  • Drink more water (1/2 of your body in ounces/day)
  • Eat more fruits & vegetables (>60% of you diet)
  • Take a walk everyday (15-30 mins) and get into the sunshine if possible
  • Deep breath or meditate for 5 minutes in the morning and evening
  • Do something good for yourself daily
I also recommend doing this simple yet profound exercise: write down your INTENTIONS for this year. Setting intentions is much more effective than setting resolutions that you will probably not keep. Intentions are more meaningful and powerful. First write down the different areas of your life that are important, then write 1-3 intentions for each category. Remember that the more specific you get the better! Here are my intentions to give you an idea:
Setting Your New Year INTENTIONS Exercise
Dana’s Intentions:
  • Be kind to myself and say positive affirmations to myself daily, e.g. “I am good enough”, “I deserve Love”, “I am Lovable”, “I am beautiful”.
  • Do something active everyday, e.g. walk, hike, bike, or yoga.
  • Have down time & alone time to rejuvenate on the weekend
  • Take Angel out to do something fun everyday, e.g. playdates, park, library, mommy & me, etc.
  • Continue to cultivate and strengthen my relationship with my husband, spend more time connecting and having fun together.
  • Spend more quality time with our small circle of beloved family and friends.
  • Start and grow my YouTube channel, sharing my passion, heart and soul to help others find more clarity to take charge of their health.
  • Continue to grow my clientele and network at my home office as well as Fremont Natural Healing Center.
  • Stay up to date with the latest information about health, nutrition, wellness, spirituality, and self-growth by learning something new, everyday.
Another great category is Finance, which is something I am always working to improve. Have at it! I hope that this exercise will help you to find more clarity to help you start your year on the right track!