Often times when we go through pain, whether physical or emotional, we might see it as a curse. We might feel angry, helpless and confused, making it difficult to see the bigger purpose of our pain. I went through over a decade of pain, starting at the age of 17, when I had my first migraine attack. And I tell you, it was really hard to see the light and be the light when my whole life revolved around my illness. 
My pain brought me to knees, some nights it even frightened to dealth as I was scared that it would never go away. The truth is, that in the midst of darkness, was when I was able to open up to the greatest love and light and connected deeply with my highest self. The pain became the gift that would transform me into the person I am today, a light worker, helping those who are in search of healing and transformation.
You’ve probably heard of countless stories of leaders who go through so much pain and adversities to become the person they were meant to be. Two of my idols are Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins. The pain can be our teacher and even the people who cause us pain are our greatest teachers. 
What if you could see your pain as a gift and through the lens of love and compassion? How would your life be different if you embraced your pain as a part of you and care for it, instead of rejecting or suppressing it? What you resists, persists. The more you resist your pain, the stronger it gets. 
Next time when you experience pain, try acknowledging it without judgment, take some deep breaths, put your hands over the pain area, then send it some kind thoughts. Watch it evolve when it is receiving compassion instead of negativity. Most likely, your pain will reduce or dissolve naturally. 
Here are some of my tried and true Natural Pain Relief Techniques, I hope you will use them to help ease your pain and guide you to towards freedom:
  • Remove yourself from the painful situation or triggers, find a space that is more soothing and healing, like your favorite room in you home or being in nature.
  • Soak in a relaxing Epsom Salt Bath for 20 minutes (2 cups epsom salt, 1/2 baking soda, 5-7 drops lavender essential oil).
  • Take deep breaths and/or meditate – if you don’t know how to do this, I recommend the phone apps “calm” and “insight timer”, or look into local or online classes.
  • Drink lots and lots of pure water – Essentia or Penta water are best, you can find these at the natural foods store.
  • Go for a walk if you can, this can help move the lymph & nervous system and reduce the pain. Soak in the sun!
  • Eat light meals, mainly fruits and vegetables, drink fresh juices and/or smoothies. Skip heavy meals, especially animal protein, sugar, fried and processed foods. 
  • Massage your whole body with pure organic oils and essential oils. If you can’t do this, ask a loved one to help or go get a massage. I suggest doing self massages everyday, this is so healing and can help you connect deeper with yourself.
  • Do yoga, tai chi, or other forms of light and flexible exercise to help move your energy and free up blockages. 
  • Try Tapping (EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique), this is one of the best tools I’ve found to help ease and address the root cause of pain. It’s helped me so much that I am became an EFT Practitioner.
  • Try a Lymphatic Therapy Massage to help clear up blockages, cleanse the body and reduce inflammation.
  • Practice more self love and forgiveness – our pain is highly self inflicted, so the more we can love and forgive ourselves, the better we will feel.
I am dedicating my practice to helping those who are sick and in pain to break free and live a more vibrant life. Look out for my invitation to my Half Day Retreat entitled “Healing From Pain, Naturally – Learn how Nutrition, Yoga & “Tapping” can Transform Your Life!”

May you be blessed with love and light!

Dana’s June Lymphatic Therapy Massage Special! 

Some of you may know, I offer an effective healing therapy to improve lymphatic function and detoxify the body called Lucero Lymphatic Therapy (LLT), which involves a combination of deep lymphatic cleansing and energy bodywork.

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90 Minute Lymph Therapy Massage & Health Consultation
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Here’s what a client said about my Lymphatic Therapy and working with me:
“Four words to describe Dana: nurturing, perceptive, intuitive, kind. 
I found Dana on Yelp in search of someone who could provide a lymphatic drainage massage. My face was swollen and in severe pain due to a tooth infection. I didn’t want a root canal after learning of their harmful and potentially dangerous side effects, so I was determined to take care of the problem naturally. Dana was able to provide both comfort and relief with her lymphatic drainage massage and a few other natural treatment methods, enabling my body to run its course and fight the infection. She also suggested some natural supplements that also helped resolve the problem. Thanks to her abilities and her intuition, Dana provided the unique care that I specifically needed, and I have no doubt that she can do the same for anybody else.”
-Trennon J., Fremont, CA