Hi friends!
Are you feeling tired and drained more often than you’d like? Believe it or not, you are amongst the majority of us who are living a fast paced, overly fatigued lifestyle. Not to worry, with a bit more focus and self care, you can be on your way to having more energy and a greater zest for life!

One of the most significant factors in improving our health and energy is the ability of the body to eliminate toxins. Stored toxins from years of environmental exposure, chemicals, harmful foods, dirty water, body products and medications all have negative effects on our health. The Lymphatic System is our body’s sewage system and needs to flow freely so our organs function properly and so that the body can eliminate waste. This is crucial for optimal health and well-being. 
One important key to know is that the Lymphatic System doesn’t have it’s own pump and depends on us to move the body in ways that can help free lymphatic stagnation. 
Here are the 10 best ways to increase lymphatic flow
  1. Deep breathing throughout the day – even in short 1-3 minute intervals is fine
  2. Healthy sleep – 7 to 9 hours/night is ideal
  3. Regular exercise – walking, jogging, swimming, biking, yoga, tai chi are great
  4. Clean water – 1/2 of your body weight in ounces/day of pure alkaline water
  5. Good nutrition – no processed foods and eat mainly fruits and vegetables, whole gluten free grains, and good fats (more on this in future newsletters)
  6. Proper digestion & elimination – a healthy gut flora is key, a probiotic can help
  7. Get some Sunshine – at least 15 minutes a day of pure sunshine will do you good
  8. Dry Skin Brushing – a tried and true method to increase overall circulation 
  9. Lymphatic massage – this form of bodywork is so healing, restorative, and can help cleanse the body and lymphatic system
  10. Epsom salt baths or foot soaks
Epsom Salt Bath or Foot Soak Recipe:
2 cups Epsom Salt
1/2 cup baking soda
5-7 drops Lavender or Eucalyptus Essential Oil (or 3-4 drops for a foot soak)
Put all ingredients in bathtub while water is running or a small foot soak tub
Turn on calming music, light a candle, and simply relax for 15-25 minutes.
Just let go and be in the present moment, there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do, just be – your body, mind, and spirit will thank you, so enjoy! 
Dana’s Memorial Day Lymphatic Therapy Massage Special!

Some of you may know, I offer an effective healing therapy to improve lymphatic function and detoxify the body called Lucero Lymphatic Therapy (LLT), which involves a combination of deep lymphatic cleansing and energy bodywork.

In honor of Memorial Day and the beginning of Summer, I am offering this service for 35% the regular price. Here’s the deal:

90 Minute Lymph Therapy/Massage & Health Consultation
Special Price: $90 (valued at $125)                Offer Expires 6/30/17
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Here’s what a client said about my Lymphatic Therapy and working with me:
“Dana has helped me immensely with my health needs. She helped me with clearing emotions with EFT, releasing toxins through lymphatic drainage, and rebalancing my whole system through foot, back, and face zoning. Her treatments individualized and she is very intuitive about her client’s needs. She offers nutrition advice throughout the treatment so that you can continue your healing. Dana is a natural healer with a great wealth of knowledge and experience guiding her. I recommend her treatments to all my friends and family.”
-Jennifer W., Fremont, CA

Dana Tran, CHC, AACP