Transform from the Inside Out

Dana Tran is an Integrative Wellness Practitioner who helps busy individuals who are tired, overworked, and are ready to regain their energy, health and vitality.  She is experienced in numerous healing modalities that can quickly and effectively help you to feel healthier and happier.  She has worked with hundreds of individuals and witnessed their remarkable recoveries. She is a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Master Foot Zonologist, EFT & NLP Practitioner, Lymphatic Therapist, and Energy Healer.

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Dana has made a remarkable transformational journey. Her passion and drive has enabled her to bless individuals with physical, mental and emotional wellness. Her knowledge, expertise and constant desire for learning has put her above the rest. She truly loves those she works with and is dedicated to helping others make a transformation of their own. Her light and energy are very grounding allowing her to truly assist those who are wanting to better themselves. Dana is a testimony of health, wellness and healing in so many ways.

Amber Bodily
Master Foot Zonologist and Instructor, and Health Intuitive

After a couple of years going through treatment for Lyme Disease, my body needed other modalities to continue with healing and stay healthy.  So happy I discovered foot zoning! I have learned so much from Dana for the past year. I have had the pleasure of her experience giving foot, back, face zones and beyond.  Her knowledge in all areas of health is vast and very helpful to individual healing. Dana is a warm, caring person who made me feel comfortable immediately. I look forward to each session.  I feel she is a gift. I regard Dana as a friend and confidant. She has helped change my life for the better:) I highly recommend her!

Diana D.
San Jose, CA

For many, many years, I’ve wanted to make exercise a priority and at least take a 30 minute walk every other day. But I’ve always led a busy life and never seemed to be able to make the time. I convinced myself that my many daily activities were enough to keep me fit. Dana was the first to finally motivate me to start walking on a daily basis. She also motivated me to do something else I’d been wanting to for many years – drinking a green smoothie everyday. I thought I ate healthy prior to meeting Dana, but in hindsight, realize that while generally healthier than others’, my diet at the time was seriously lacking in veggies. I’ve had foot, face and back zoning, and EFT sessions with Dana, and have also taken her cooking and wellness class. Besides being incredibly relaxing, the zoning helps Dana tune in to the various signal systems in the body and provide guidance on what might need attention. Dana is a skilled and gifted EFT practitioner – rather than just taking me through the motions, she paid close attention and guided me deeper and deeper, encouraging me to continue exploring issues that came up. I highly recommend Dana’s services. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

Fremont, CA

Dana has much knowledge to impart on nutrition and lifestyle with an emphasis on plant-based dietary choices. She gave me some great insight on how to integrate more vital foods and techniques into my life. I have also partaken in all three of the zoning techniques Dana offers: foot, face and back. Each one has had a different effect but all of them are an overall relaxing, rejuvenating experience. During my Foot Zoning session not only was I having my body healed on a cellular level, I was able to get to know Dana through talking throughout the sessions. Foot zoning felt very detoxing to me. Face zoning is said to help balance hormones and the mental body. I think that this technique is very interesting and powerful. I had long stretches of relaxation so deep that I fell asleep… Back zoning is intended to help you release pent up emotions. I had a particularly unusual week in which my extreme emotions had to be tamped down in order to simply function in my day to day life. It was great timing to try out Dana’s back zoning. The session was great! The mental & emotional clearing was definitely the most impactful aspect of the back zoning. I would recommend all of the therapies that Dana offers. The energy that she freely gives during the sessions is generous and healing and you will always leave feeling changed for the better.

Christina B.
Fremont, CA

I’ve received numerous face & back zones from Dana and really enjoyed my sessions because they were so relaxing. Dana takes her time when applying the zoning techniques allowing me to slow down mentally and emotionally from the hectic day. Zoning is a very effective healing modality because not only is it relaxing, it also balances and rejuvenates the physical, emotional & mental bodies. Zoning is a great way to take time out to take care of yourself, it is truly a great gift! I would highly recommend Dana’s zoning services to others. She helped me to realize the importance of filling myself up with good, positive energy and to nurture myself.

Maria Dasilva
Fremont, CA

Dana is a wonderful health coach who really understands and wants to help you get to the root of your health concerns. Her positive and enthusiastic presence will inspire you to move forward in the right direction! I saw Dana for Face Zoning and Back Zoning. I really loved the face zone that she did for me. It was extremely healing and relaxing! My back zone with Dana was very healing for my back and I came out feeling very relaxed and nourished. I was also suffering pretty bad from back pain, and after the back zone, all the tension in my back seemed to have dissolved! Dana takes her time, and does a really careful job. It is much better than any massage because it balances out your emotions and dissolves the stress, and it feels incredibly relaxing! I would recommend Dana’s zoning to anyone, it is a truly powerful and healing modality. She is so thorough in her zoning and afterwards you will rejuvenate, refreshed, and renewed! Thanks Dana!

Johanna Baig
Berkeley, CA

Before I met Dana, I felt I needed to get a foot zone to give my body a tune up. Foot zoning is very healing and can tell you a lot about what’s going on inside. During the zone analysis, Dana shared with me that my lymph system needed more nourishment. She recommended some healing herbal teas and I started cutting out more foods that I was sensitive to. By doing so, I’m feeling healthier and more balanced everyday. I’ve also experienced Back and Face Zoning with Dana. Back zoning helped to increase circulation, relieve tension and relax my muscles after my recent back injury. Face zoning is another amazing way to relax and cleanse the body. Zoning is more than massage, it heals the body as a whole while balancing specific areas from different organs to the lymphatic system, and also the emotional being. It helps the body to detox! My daughter was diagnosed with lupus two years ago. Through zoning and improving her nutrition, she is now lupus free. I was tested for cancers two years ago and diagnosed with several diseases. Through zoning and changing my diet, now, I no longer have the symptoms of the diseases doctors thought I had. I have referred many friends to Dana. They have only wonderful things to say about their experiences and are happy she is in their lives now.

Julie Miller
Pleasanton, CA

Dana is what you could call a “natural born healer”. Immediately, you have a sense of her kindness and compassion. As soon as she starts working on you, you will feel her incredible healing energy. I first went to Dana for Face Zoning, she was kind and immediately put me at ease. The session was very blissful and relaxing. I felt very relaxed, energized, and clear for several days afterwards. I noticed increased energy, a sense of well-being, and my body felt less toxic. I was surprised at how powerful the zoning session was! I find this work to be more effective than other forms of bodywork such as massage or acupuncture for chronic health issues. Then I saw Dana for foot zoning. During my foot zone, I could feel areas that were sore and tender and she worked on those spots to balance the blockages. After my foot zoning session, I could feel a lot of increased circulation in my body, especially in my legs. I felt energized and more alive! Finally, I tried back zoning. The effect of the back zoning is extremely relaxing. The big difference for me between the back zoning and a massage is that the energetic levels are being addressed at the same time as the physical. It’s beyond a physical feeling of tension being worked out… you feel the emotional and spiritual bodies being cleansed too! Dana loves what she does and it comes through in her work. I highly recommend Dana for Zoning.

Susy Nayak, PhD.
Fremont, CA

Dana helped me find clarity in my personal wellness and goals. She has been valuable in aiding me in achieving less digestive problems and expanding my understanding of nutrition. Dana makes getting in touch with your health and wellness a breeze. She has an amazing way of listening and finding the right words and language to give you guidance and support. I would highly recommend Dana to anyone. She is truly insightful and skilled.

Tameka Medley
Fremont, CA

Dana’s wellness program is extremely thorough, well organized, and personally tailored. Her acquired technical expertise is complemented by an unmistakable sincere caring attitude. Dana mentioned that I have been taking care of myself much better than the average person, but then carefully explained what further changes must be made to materially increase the probability of good health. Dana guided me to refine my diet and lifestyle so that I could better manage my diabetes and cholesterol levels. I now have a clearer understanding of the proper nutrition that best fits my needs. Now, I am looking forward to many years of continuing the practices recommended by Dana, leading to what I believe will be materially improved health, a gift to my loving family as well as to me.

Larry Zuckerman
Livermore, CA

Dana’s health coaching and zoning helped me to sift through information I already knew, and applying pertinent and better health knowledge in a more realistic, pleasant way… and deciding what changes I should focus on first. My health before working with Dana was pretty good, I thought. However, Dana’s coaching and zoning helped me choose better foods to eat and to want to be more physically active and be outdoors. I’ve continued to become more fit, maintain a healthy weight, have more energy and be in a better mood. My health changes have helped me take care of my family and friends better. I feed them better, I have more energy to play with them, I have more fun with them, and I can get more work done. I feel confident in recommending Dana to my friends and family members, because she has helped me so much. Dana is straightforward, but not pushy. She is motivating, but not impatient. She is strong, but gentle. She is positive, passionate, genuine, cheerful, caring and kind. She knows what she’s doing and lives what she teaches. It’s fun to visit her and I always learn great things!

Lillian Smith
San Ramon, CA

Trusting Dana and following her guidance allowed me to take better care of myself and to give myself the gift of my loving attention. Dana’s approach is logical, yet fresh and highly customized to my specific needs. She was able to tie together all my wellness programs and guide me to meeting my health and weight goals. After years of struggling with my weight, I am now able to easily maintain a healthy weight. I no longer need to take blood pressure medications to control my hypertension due to my newfound wholesome diet and continued active lifestyle. In addition, I don’t need the stimulation of caffeine or sugar to get through my day. Now I am aware of the nutrients that I am eating and therefore I am no longer overeating or eating because of a craving. It really is a special gift to yourself to have Dana help you focus on your health and to change your life into a healthy and thriving life.

Matt Sorgenfrei
Palo Alto, CA

My health before joining Dana’s Health Coaching program was unstable. My biggest struggle was having guilt about what I was putting into my body, as I was unclear about what foods to prepare that is healthy. The most remarkable thing that I achieved from Dana’s coaching is to be able to let go of guilt, which for me has been a life long process. I’m feeling better overall and now understand the root causes of my health issues. Towards the end of our program, I realized that my problems had less to do with nutritional food, but more so with my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This awareness empowers me to take better care of myself, walk taller, more confident and positive. My health now is more in line and I now have a clear path to follow. I would recommend Dana’s Coaching Program to others who are looking to improve their health and well-being. It is not only learning about nutrition via food, but nutrition via all aspects of being.

Maria Dasilva
Fremont, CA

I came to Dana with the hopes of finding a way of eating that was healthy, satisfying, and compatible with my lifestyle. After trying numerous diets and eating methods, I never found a plan, or “way of eating,” that I felt comfortable, or capable, of sticking with. Dana has showed me that a healthy lifestyle is not solely a number on a scale, but a way of using nutrition to transform yourself from the inside out. Before seeing Dana, my doctor warned me that my cholesterol and glucose levels were on the rise. After working with Dana and seeing my results, my doctor told me, “whatever you are doing, just keep on doing it and I’ll see you in a year.” Dana has introduced me to eating “clean and green”.  The dietary changes Dana encouraged me to make were accomplished gradually in “baby steps”. The progress I have made with Dana is one that is irreversible. Dana taught me that health and wellness is not a diet, or a series of deprivations, but a way of life. She has a true passion for sharing her love of health and wellness, and I have her to thank for my current and future health.

Karin S.
San Jose, CA

I lost about 18-20 lbs since I first started Dana’s coaching program. The biggest struggles I’ve had prior to Dana’s coaching are binge eating, emotional eating, fad diets, indulgence in temporary obsession, having a hard time committing long term, and the lack of education on healthy foods. Dana’s coaching helped me to understand how everything connects to one another and how my daily decisions regarding food and lifestyle all contribute my well-being. One of the most remarkable things I’ve learned from working with Dana is self-love. Once I truly understood what that meant, I was able to make better food decisions and was able to motivate myself to exercise to keep my body healthy. I now feel in control of my health for the first time and it’s a great feeling to be where I am today. Dana is not only a wellness coach, she really cares about you and helps you to balance your health, life and spirituality. I would highly recommend Dana’s wellness program to everybody! It is not just another diet it is a lifestyle change! I received much more than what I expected and I am grateful for all the positive things that came out of it.

Lisa M.
San Jose, CA

I have been going to Dana for quite some time now. I cannot find any words that are suitable enough to describe what she has done for me. She has saved my life in more ways than one. I completely trust her and feel confident placing my wellness in her hands. I had a horrible experience in life – I unfortunately ended up with Lyme disease. There was a time that I wasn’t able to eat, and the best I could do was eat ⅛ of an avocado in a day. I went through treatment for the Lyme in Reno and my doctor recommended that I get Foot Zoning treatments. I’m obsessed with it and cannot fathom the miracle that it really is. I am incredibly thankful that I’ve come so far and Dana has helped me heal physically, emotionally, and mentally. She is an amazing person and I am grateful to know her. She deeply cares about her clients and they are well looked after. I promise you that if you have faith in this process and follow her recommendations, and let your body take its time to heal, you will see results and you will not be disappointed.

Dena W.
San jose, CA

Dana has played a vital part in my healing and wellness.  Her knowledge, compassion and caring heart and spirit has made my experience with her some thing that I truly look forward to and appreciate.  Thank you Dana!

Sonja R.
Newark , CA

Dana gave me the jumpstart I needed for my next steps of healing. Healing always comes in different layers and she opened the door for the next level for myself. I found her to be inspiring, patient, truly understanding of my needs, and openness of knowing the next steps I need to take for myself. I highly recommend her to anyone is looking for their next healing step. She’ll give you concrete answers with great strategies, recommendations and personal support. I feel very blessed to have found her and so will you.

Maria L.
Union City , CA

Dana is amazing! I went to Dana for a back zone. She has the perfect setup & tools to make you feel so relaxed & enjoy your session…relaxing music, TDP lamp, blankets, pillows, essential oils, etc. I was hooked on the lymphatic treatments. These are wonderful & really get the lymph flowing in your body. Dana also provided me with all kinds of helpful tips to keep my progress going in the right direction. She is always looking to dig a little deeper to help get to the root of any issue I’m experiencing. She has recommended a few different ideas for me to try. Every one of them has been very beneficial. I’m still on path following her suggestions & I feel incredible compared to what I was before I met Dana. I recommend her to my family, friends or anyone I meet who isn’t feeling 100%. She’ll work with you & come up with a personalized solution! She really is a life saver!

Danielle D.
Fremont, CA

Dana Tran has helped me achieve a greater sense of well-being in my life. I started seeing her over a year ago for help with my irritable bowel syndrome. Through foot, face, and back zoning, Dana has been able to slowly detoxify my body. I have also taken her gluten-free cooking class, and received wonderful information and recipes. Dana is really a wealth of information, and has guided me through a liver cleanse, as well as given me advice and natural remedies for my gut. Her approach is gentle, and she listens to you and offers you suggestions that are doable. I recommend Dana Tran Wellness to anyone who wants to take their health to the next level in the most natural way possible.

Neena B.
Fremont, CA

Dana has helped me immensely with my health needs. She has helped me with clearing emotions with EFT work, releasing toxins through lymphatic drainage, and rebalanced my whole system through foot, back, and face zoning. Her treatments are tailored to the individual and she is very intuitive about her client’s needs. She offers nutrition advice throughout the treatment so that you can continue your healing once your session is over. Dana is a natural healer with a great wealth of knowledge and experience guiding her. I recommend her treatments to all my friends and family.

Jennifer W.
Fremont, CA

As an NLP Master Practitioner Coach, Dana was able to help me identity several underlying beliefs that were stopping me from fully maximizing the marketing of my business. Although I thought I was running on all eight cylinders, it wasn’t until a coaching sessions with Dana that several unconscious blocks were uncovered that were keeping me from being 100% effective. I have no hesitation fully recommending Dana as a personal coach.

Bill B.
San Jose, CA

Dana Tran is a highly-trained, natural health practitioner who has supported my family in our quest for better nutrition. I have taken one of her excellent nutrition classes with basic guidelines, recipes, cooking demos, and samples. She has also provided professional foot zoning for my husband, daughter, and me. Our foot zoning experiences with Dana were very relaxing due to her exceptional nurturing and compassionate demeanor. Our health has been excellent and Dana has helped us improve our well being even further. We recommend Dana Tran to our family and friends who wish to take steps, big or small, toward better health.

Janine W.
Fremont, CA

I was looking for a nutrition coach to help transition to a fully vegan diet. Dana is MUCH more than just a health coach. She provided me with great resources for diet and exercise, but the real breakthrough for me was the emotional and spiritual coaching that went with it. I had not heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) before meeting Dana. It was just what I needed! With Dana’s help, I was able to identify emotional blocks that were preventing me from achieving my health goals. She taught me techniques that I use now on a daily basis to sustain my new healthy lifestyle. I will continue visiting her for her various workshops and services because they really do make a difference. I have lost about 20 pounds since I met Dana just 4 months ago. Her process is gentle, but very direct and effective. My family, friends, co-workers can tell I have made a positive lifestyle change, and Dana was a big part of that!

Amy P.
Union City, CA

I’m so happy that I found Dana. I feel that I can count on her and we have a very special connection. I enjoy very much all the services she offer. The lymphatic massage helped me to detox and balance my energy. She is great with energy work, and the foot zoning is wonderful. If you give it a try, you wont regret it!

Lucy T.
Fremont, CA

Dana has great energy!  I always feel so good after a treatment from her.  I especially enjoy her lymphatic drainage and energy work.  Her foot zone is very helpful too. She’s always able to give me some insight as to what is going on in my body and recommend a helpful course of action. I have also taken classes from Dana.  Her cooking class and EFT “tapping” training were fabulous!

Connie S.
Fremont , CA

It was a blessing to have found Dana. I found Dana through a half day retreat which she had hosted. I am suffering from chronic back pain and diabetes post pregnancy and I immediately knew I had to see her again. Visits with Dana were a window to my soul. There were times when I was hesitant to open up but she made me so comfortable and that it was actually a huge relief to let it all out. What I like about Dana’s approach is that our overall health is not just a direct physical connection, it has a lot to do with our emotional & mental health. She covers all those aspects. I cannot thank her enough for the foot zoning, face zoning, the EFT, the nutritional information sessions and many more. Thank you for everything Dana!

Parul T
Fremont, CA

Four words to describe Dana: nurturing, perceptive, intuitive, kind. I found Dana on Yelp in search of someone who could provide a lymphatic drainage massage. My face was swollen and in severe pain due to a tooth infection. I didn’t want a root canal after learning of their harmful and potentially dangerous side effects, so I was determined to take care of the problem naturally. Dana was able to provide both comfort and relief with her lymphatic drainage massage and a few other natural treatment methods, enabling my body to run its course and fight the infection. She also suggested some natural supplements that also helped resolve the problem. Thanks to her abilities and intuition, Dana provided the unique care that I specifically needed, and I have no doubt that she can do the same for anybody else.

Trennon J
Hayward, CA
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